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We live in scenic Northeast Iowa surrounded by fields of corn and beans, amidst gently rolling hills.

We have always had a dog in our lives and fell in love with the gentle, sweet disposition of the English Golden Retriever a number of years ago when Tilly came into our lives, she was a beautiful, loving, fun dog. She loved marshmallows roasted over the fire and was always ready to join the fun around a camp fire. When we decided it was time for another dog we naturally thought of Tilly and decided English Golden Retrievers was the answer for us. We have studied a lot about these beautiful dogs and are striving to always better the genetics.

If you are looking for a friendly, loyal and lovable friend, you will find it in one of these dogs. Please feel free to look our puppy page over and contact us if we can help you in any way.

Thank you for stopping by.

Ken and Dindy

Michelle H.

Fox Ridge is an absolutely wonderful place to find your fur baby. They have beautiful English cream golden retrievers. The owner, Dindy, spent about an hour on the phone with me detailing the testing (hips, eyes, skin, etc) on the parents of their litters to make sure their puppies are in optimal health. She posted videos of their growth and play during the 8 weeks with her. Before they go to their new homes, she provides video of how they react to different things so you can have an idea of their demeanor/personality. This was great for me because I live in Arkansas and couldn’t drive up to choose a puppy by interacting with them. She also provided me with pictures of each male from different angles. She was extremely accommodating with helping me pick up Ben. Most of all, it is obvious that she loves these puppies, that she spends time with them, and that they are socialized. You can definitely tell it’s not just a business.


The Wesenberg’s are wonderful people who make the process of getting a puppy quite easy … I purchased my first pup 2 years ago and cannot wait to add to our furry family in the near future… the pups are so beautiful, healthy and well cared for … we are so excited for our new addition … Thank you Dindy and family

Rhiannon McCully

I don’t even know where to begin. I have nothing but excellent things to say about Fox Ridge English Cream Golden Retrievers!! They treat each customer like they are family. Their love for their pups is unconditional. They do lots of puppy culture/experiences when the pups are little. Ken and Dindy have become great friends of ours from this experience. They answer all of your questions and are always available even after you take your pup home. You definitely will not go wrong with a Fox Ridge pup!

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